Brian friedman britney spears dating

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Brian friedman britney spears dating

He and his friend said, “Come and have a drink with us,” and I said, “It’s 2am – everything is closed. So, I went to his house and we ended up having our first kiss in the cabana in his backyard. How long after you met did you realise that marriage would be on the cards? Then I started talking to our friends and family about it.I was even asking them to find out what kind of ring Daniel would want.

With same-sex marriage legal across the US, Brian and Daniel are planning their big day.

We asked his grandparents if they’d let him come and stay with us.

They agreed to let him come out for a few weeks to try it out.

But for those of you expecting a big showbiz do with Britney Spears conducting the service, Simon Cowell as ring bearer and Stevi Ritchie as the cabaret act, you’d be wrong.

“We haven’t decided yet, but we may want to keep it private and low key, just for us,” says Brian.

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