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Hunger, bugs, and sweltering temperatures do not appear to faze him.

Then, having overseen Jedward's Ghostbusters routine on X Factor, he has already gazed into the heart of darkness and lived to speak of it. "My fiance thinks I am absolutely crazy," said Friedman, who, outside X Factor, has worked with Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. I am going to miss him, then my family, my bed, my dog, the food, the gym, my toiletries, my showers, fragrances.

Brian: When I saw him, I was immediately taken and started shouting at him! Daniel: After three years I thought we'd be together and get married at some point.

Daniel: I continued walking, but when I saw that Brian was cute, I went over and introduced myself. ” I said, “I don’t think so – I have to work in the morning.” When we realised that we lived near each other I said I’d drop by for a drink. Brian: But we didn’t really start talking about it until they made it legal and California overturned the law.

Brian Friedman stretches the definition of "celebrity" – but, after nine years as creative director of X Factor, he will know how it feels to be marooned among vast egos with little hope of rescue.

Once you've seen Simon and Cheryl row over the last green room Nespresso capsule, a few weeks bunking down with Chris Eubank is a cinch.

“And then perhaps we’ll throw a big party afterwards, so everyone can feel part of it.” Here, the couple share their engagement story and wedding plans. Brian: I was in West Hollywood to meet Alexandra Burke for dinner with a friend, but she was stuck in the studio, so we went to The Abbey instead.

Daniel: I also went out to meet some friends, but they never showed up so…At the end of the night I was leaving and I heard these guys shouting at me.

Daniel and I went to support him and watch the performance. ” I let her know he was a student of mine and that we needed to get him to LA. I saw a little of myself in Zack and wanted him to get working on his craft.His grandpa drove him out and stayed with us for a few days and ended up leaving him. After his 18th birthday he got his first apartment down the street from us. 'I'm a bit p****d off with Brian, he's such a control freak,' she told Ferne."When the offer came it was a matter of weighing up whether I wanted to go back and do my same old routine on The X Factor or something different.I am always preaching to my students to face their fears and the unknown." Friedman believes his biggest challenge will be curtailing his straight-talking in order to avoid falling out with the other contestants.

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Whenever my family came to visit me in the past I would hide all the pictures and my boyfriend would have to pack up and go away. So, as she was at the airport in Arizona, I called her and said, “I think you need to sit down – I have to tell you something,” and she was like, “What's wrong? ” Once she arrived in LA, it was incredible to have that huge weight lifted.

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