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It took me a long time to finally meet this guy to try my hand at pleasuring another man. Our first meeting resulted in me having a few whiskeys and nothing happening. Knowing from experience that I lose interest after I have ejaculated, I stopped him.

We promised to meet again and this time around he went straight for my crotch. I need to return the favor before that happened and I chickened out.

I was very surprised that there actually were a few people from my area, but almost all were men seeking sex - figures!

Some married guys were even seeking action with other men.

This was not what I was after, but I felt better knowing I was not the only one in this one-horse-town that was desperate.

My fav site was getting a little lame after a few weeks.

Here I was with another guy's growing cock in my mouth. Knowing that my cock quickly turns sensitive after ejaculation, I just held him gently. I stood at the edge of the bed where he knelt in front of me.As I surfed, I discovered an advert for an adult "dating" site.They claimed to have willing and available women in my area - yeah right!I must have looked at just about everything they offered.The only pages I ignored were the gay and tranny pages. It was only after I discovered some truly stunning gurls that I became more curious. I still looked at gorgeous women indulging in blatant unadulterated hot steamy sex yet, as time progressed I found myself sneaking more and more into the tranny sites.

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