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“Our gatherings usually have between 15 and 35 people so we sometimes reserve a room at local businesses,” explains Kerr.

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“I’ll go to a bar with friends, but it’s not the place I’d go to meet someone. I knew there had to be other options,” remembers Kerr.

“I had used the website and app when I lived on the East Coast to find new friends, so I went to that site and found a Bellingham group.” The group Kerr found was for activities like hiking and dinner.

The majority are transplants to the area brought here by their work.North Sound Singles’ events are as diverse as its members because they are the ones that propose new meet ups. Although Kerr still considers herself single, she measures the success of North Sound Singles by what else it has brought her and the other members of the group.“We do lots of outdoorsy activities, restaurants, wine tasting, and breweries, but there are also single parents in the group so we do family-friendly events that I’ve been able to bring my 7-year-old to like snowshoeing, sledding, and picnics,” explains Kerr. “My core group of girlfriends is mostly people I met at North Sound, and it’s comforting to know that I have guy friends I can call if I need help moving a sofa,” explains Kerr, laughing.Sign up is only per year and takes less than five minutes at the group’s or on the phone app. “We ask members of the group to RSVP with a simple click of a button so local businesses will be sure to have enough staff available to support us,” adds Kerr.The group also shares photos and information on their accounts to give newcomers a better idea of what their gatherings are like. We’ve never had a real issue, but it’s nice to know that you always have an escape plan,” notes Kerr. If you meet someone there for the first time and it doesn’t work out, they could potentially just move on to meet one of the other 20 people there who might.” North Sound Singles has grown a lot over the past two years, now including more than 200 singles living between Seattle and lower British Columbia.

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We have nurses, teachers, border patrol, IT, and lots of people who work from home,” notes Kerr.