Beards are intimidating

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Beards are intimidating

For primitive man, growing a beard meant keeping his face warm throughout the colder season, since the ancient malls did not yet stock ski masks.

While the rate of growth varies greatly among males, it can be influenced by such factors as diet, stress level, and regular follicle stimulation.Before leaving the ancients altogether though, it is worth remembering that there’s still something to be said for absorbing a punch to the face in the modern world. Like all human hair, a beard is a non-living strand composed of a protein called keratin, and its growth is stimulated by biological signals from cells, blood, and nerves within the body.The growth of a beard is subject to continuing cycles of growth, dormancy, and deterioration once a male reaches puberty.In that same vein, a blow to the face from an enemy would be considerably softened by luxurious facial hair growth, extending its combat appeal.While the utility of beards may have diminished with the emergence of civilizations, their stylistic appeal then began to make a much deeper impression on men.

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By the time of the Renaissance, however, the wind of change had blown in opposition to the growing of beards, and most men again became clean-shaven.

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