Average time dating couples have sex dating a rich woman

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"We don't necessarily get worse, but our physiology changes as we get older," Bortz says.

"One myth to put aside is that sex equals intercourse," Blank says. Alternatives to intercourse are not just for people who don't want to get pregnant or get a disease.

Dated for 1.4 years (17 months) before moving in together.

Then lived together for 1.83 years (22 months) before getting engaged.

Grooms are also older than their bell-bottom wearing counterparts: 32.7 is the average age for men to get married, which is 8 years older than men in the 1970s.

This allows more room for expanding one's sensuality -- an important aspect of sex when the natural aging process may mean changes in sexual function.

Then were engaged for 1.67 years (20 months) before getting married.

The total average time living together before marriage totals to a whole 3.5 years.

Some other interesting stats come out of the research - with people having two serious relationships on average before settling down with their 'One'.

Plus, apparently women get married on average at the age of 30.8 (compared with 22.6 years old in the 70s).

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Seniors, when it comes to sex, use it or lose it, says a noted sex educator. "The reality is that older people are a lot sexier than younger people think.

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