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Thermoluminescence dating of the Jinmium site in the Northern Territory suggested a date of 120,000 BP.

Although this result received wide press coverage, it has been seriously questioned by most archaeologists.

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The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the indigenous (native) people of Australia.

At the time of first contact with the European colonists in the late 18th century, most Aboriginal people were hunter-gatherers with a complex oral culture and spiritual values based upon reverence for the land and a belief in the Dreamtime.

There is much debate about the degree to which Aboriginal people modified their environment.One controversy revolves around the role of Aboriginal people in the extinction of the marsupial megafauna (also see Australian megafauna).Some argue that natural climate change killed the megafauna.It is well known that Aboriginal people used fire for a variety of purposes: to encourage the growth of edible plants and fodder for prey; to reduce the risk of catastrophic bushfires; to make travel easier; to eliminate pests; for ceremonial purposes; and just to "clean up country." There is disagreement, however, about the extent to which Aboriginal burning led to large-scale changes in vegetation patterns.There is evidence of substantial change in Aboriginal culture over time.

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Aboriginal people from different parts of Australia have their own names for themselves such as Koori, Yamaji, Nunga, Murri etc; these names are specific to various regions. Tasmanian Aborigines settled on that island approximately 40,000 years ago by migrating across a land bridge from the mainland that existed during the last ice age.