Asp net gridview rowupdating dropdownlist internet dating does not work

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Asp net gridview rowupdating dropdownlist

When the end user clicks on an Edit button that row becomes editable, causing the Edit button to change to Update and Cancel buttons and the other columns to become Text Boxes.The end user can then update one or more column values and click Update to save their changes. Our first demo will look at how to create an editable Grid View whose data comes from a Sql Data Source.

In the last two demos we'll see how to customize the editing interface for a Grid View column.When poking through the markup below, be sure to take note of the following: checking the Use optimistic concurrency checkbox.If you checked that along with the Generate Insert, Update, and Delete Statements checkbox, the Update Command for the Sql Data Source would have included a more thorough WHERE clause.Figures 40 and 41 show screenshots of the editable Grid View in action.Figure 40 shows the Grid View in its pre-editable state.

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