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Some time ago, I was told there was no cure or treatment for this condition. However, when the immune system becomes weakened in adulthood, perhaps through another illness or simply as a consequence of age, the virus can escape its long-term imprisonment and triggers the symptoms.The problem is that even after the rash has cleared up (though often with some scarring of the site), up to one in five patients experiences pain in the area for months, even years, causing significant suffering.

According to My Wot, Siteadvisor and Google safe browsing analytics, a suspicious domain with no visitor reviews.

I will bet you my Testicles that the owner and the "MOD" there are actually Nigerian Scammers themselves based entirely upon the amount of Scam Runners there are there.. This man is one of the ugliest men on a dating site or anywhere else: is one of the biggest reasons the site has failed. You cannot constructively interact in this as censorship is a constant.

What Country's directly across the Atlantic Ocean?? You risk crashing your computer with the viruses rampant on It is truly one of the most evil, vile and nasty places on the internet. is crawling with West African scammers, pretending to be anyone, from anywhere. If you are attempting to meet somebody real online, never send money for any reason to somebody you only know from the internet or phone calls, and always expect to see a face on cam. Writes idiotic blogs about his ebay site that earns him /day (broke, lonely and desperate loser). A small community that seems to comprise of members blogging opposing political views or similar.

They have nobody but each other so sit on that site, for years, ruining it so that the only ones that bother with it now are the nigerian scammers.

Putting the word "Woman" in the same Sentence has matchdoctor!! While other dating sites survived and grew to mammoth size, like any other failed business, the demise of Matchdoctor lies on the shoulders of nobody but it's owners. Remember junior high when you walked into the lunch room and saw the table with the nerds, misfits, really short, mostly obese, ugly and smelly rejects all sitting together? Easy to spot the losers, look for the most active bloggers, who copy and paste and plagarise all day long, mostly about politics.

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I think that would be discrimination but who to you complain about that too? Theoretically it is a date site, but you never hear of anyone actually dating there.

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