Accomidating definition

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Accomidating definition

social-historical context in which the interaction is embedded".

The communication accommodation theory has broadened this theory to include not only speech but also the "non-verbal and discursive dimensions of social interaction".

In this experiment, when individuals believed that the person from the different group used language convergence to reduce cultural barriers, they evaluated it more positively than when they attributed it to the pressures of the situation.

"When French Canadian listeners attributed an English Canadian's convergence to French as due to his desire to break down cultural barriers, the shift was viewed favorably.

People use convergence based on their perceptions of others, as well as what they are able to infer about them and their backgrounds.

Attraction (likability, charisma, credibility), also triggers convergence.

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However, when this same behavior was attributed to pressures in the situation forcing the other to converge, positive feelings were not so strongly evoked." The process of intergroup distinctiveness, as theorized by Tajfel argues, "...